This post is part of a three post series on Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid – Introduction

Azure Event Grid – Create Topics

Azure Event Grid – Creating Custom events

To get started with Azure Event grid we need to create three primary elements as described previously. We need to create a Topic, a subscription and an Event handler .

Creating the Topic – On Azure portal use the create resource option to create an Event Grid topic as shown below. I have created a topic and named it as CandidateTopic. I have specified the resource group , the location and the event schema.

Event Grid - Creating a topic

Creating the Subscription – The topic is now created but as you can see below the topic needs a subscription in order for it to deliver events.

Azure Event Grid - Topic Created - No Endpoint

Creating the Handler – I have created a subscription and have used a Web hook as the handler for the subscription as seen below. The web hook is a custom API that i created to be called by the subscription.

Azure Event Grid - Topic Created
Azure Event Grid – Topic Created

Photo by Steve Long on Unsplash